Published on Monday, March 25, 2019

How Can I Update the Default Access of a Document?

There are three ways to accomplish what you are trying to do.

1. Use Document Manager to individually open each document workspace and adjust the default access setting.

a. Pros: No additional product or service project expense.

b. Cons: Labor intensive and can be prohibitive depending upon the organizations’ document collection size.

2. Use Suite Data Editor, a software product extension included in Document Manager. Once logged in, you query on the document metadata at either document level or revision level properties, retrieve the results, select your target documents and apply the change.

a. Pros: Very quick and effective.

b. Cons: This is a very powerful tool that can wreak havoc upon your data if misused. Caution should definitely be exercised when using this functionality, and for that reason, use is restricted to only the MASTER user account.

3. Obtain a custom database script from us to accomplish this task for you.

a. Pros: Very quick and effective.

b. Cons: There is a service project cost involved. This would be available from Carrie Kriech at The database tables are extensive and the expense of repairing a damaged database for those that attempt themselves usually exceeds the original cost of the script by at least a factor of ten, but can be much higher, not counting lost productivity & system down time during the repair.



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