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SPC Series

Waypoint Global SPC Series helps your company soar off the charts!

Designed from the bottom up to be used by Operators, Quality Managers, and analysts, this series will take your SPC implementation to new levels of control and visibility. Includes capabilities to integrate to gauges, scales, measurement equipment, optical comparators, CMMs, etc...

Reducing nonconformance begins with a solid quality planning process. SPC Series was built for quality professionals who insist that SPC be deployed as close to the process as possible to assure rapid response to changes in process behavior. It collects, analyzes, distributes and maintains process control data.

SPC Series instantly converts raw data into meaningful results by drawing on all the chart types you expect to find in an SPC software product. The charts include X-bar/R, X-bar/S, median and individuals with moving range, histograms, Pareto, P, C, U and nP. It also provides summary statistics that include all the process and capability statistics, measurement of skewness, kurtosis and chi square as well as providing for normal and non-normal distributions.

Product Modules

The SPC Series includes the following modules:


View Product Page SPC Administrator - SPC Administrator allows you to create a Product Configuration that implements all aspects of your SPC strategy including: Product Characteristics, Process Definition, Traceability Topics, Statistical Testing Methods, and Data Collection parameters.


View Product Page SPC Examiner - SPC Examiner is an SPC series module that allows Quality Engineers to analyze the collected data and identify areas for improvement.


View Product Page SPC Operator - SPC Operator is an SPC Series module, designed for the data collection and process monitoring functions.


View Product Page Data Collection - Implementing automated data collection, yields immediate results to your SPC program by eliminating the potential for data entry errors and delays, and increasing the amount of information that can be collected. The net result is better analysis, more time to identify improvements, and a process that is both more capable and in control.

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Latest Release!
Suite Version V3.98 R4
The new release of Suite V3.98 R4 is now available!
  • NEW! Template Pack - IATF 16949 : 2016
  • Template Pack - ISO 13486 : 2016
  • Template Pack - AS9100D
  • Template Pack - ISO 9001 : 2015
  • Template Pack - ISO 14001 : 2015
  • Policy Writer V7.01
  • Procedure Writer V7.01
  • Instruction Writer V7.01
  • List Builder V4.01
  • Desktop V6.14
  • Document Manager V5.02d
  • Folio Manager Manager V1.01
Desktop Web Access V6.14
The new release of DWA V6.14 is now available!
  • This version of Desktop Web Access includes better support for the built Acrobat PDF display in Google Chrome.
  • See the release notes for a security warning using Firefox.